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I offer workshops, tailored trainings and consulting to food companies of all sizes. I provide frameworks, systems and processes and encompasses valuable learnings, that help you to grow and evolve your organisation and your brands.

Managing Innovation

1 Day Workshop

Effective innovation management is key to the success of a Food or Beverage manufacturer. This workshop introduces you to the innovation process and an operational roadmap for managing innovation in your business. You will receive a toolkit that can easily be tailored to your business, speeding up implementation.

This program is also available in a free online format with

Technical Strategy

2 Day Workshop

Building an effective technical organization integrates strategy, structure, people, processes and culture into an operating model that delivers the strategy. This workshop develops your understanding of the key elements involved in building a technical strategy and organization. You will also receive tools to speed up implementation.

Consumer Quality

1 Day Workshop

Building quality products/brands and preference across geographies, requires an understanding of consumer quality and what constitutes a positive consumer experience, for product and package interactions. This workshop provides guidance to Food and Beverage Companies on the design and implementation of programs that support positive consumer experience and repurchase.

Key Technical Processes

 1 Day Workshop

This workshop introduces you to three key technical processes for a food or beverage business. The Supplier Quality Process, Technical Metrics and Scorecards and the Issue Management Process.

Organisation & Leadership Development

I provide one on one coaching on key global leadership capabilities that accelerate your development and performance and introduce you to concepts, insights and competencies that grow and evolve your organization.

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